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Comfort Toe Silk

Comfort Toe Silk

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Comfor Toe's silk series focuses on toe comfort, using 100% silk thread for the toes and heels.Luxurious silk with a pile knit finish is more absorbent and soft to the touch. Using thread developed to provide a rich sensation and warmth to the main body of the socks, they can be used in spring, autumn and winter.

[Five commitments to the toes]
・The toe and heel are luxuriously finished using 100% natural silk ・The natural temperature control function of silk keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter ・Designed to match the shape of your foot (left foot with tag)
・The pile finish provides a gentle touch and added warmth.

Materials: Acrylic, silk, rayon, polyester (tag), wool, polyurethane Size: S size (23~25cm) / M size (26~28cm)
Color: Milky White, Winter Red,
Chocolate brown, dark gray, smoky blue Production area: Nara Prefecture








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