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Comfort Toe Standard

Comfort Toe Standard

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A pair of socks that focuses on sensation and function to the toes and heels. They are carefully made at a factory in Nara, the largest producer of socks in Japan. By adopting Y processing, previously only applied to the heel, to the toes for the first time in the industry, we created a feeling of comfort in the toes that is so stress free it's as if nothing is being worn. In addition, a futuristic material “Outlast” that cools the skin when it is hot and warms the skin when it is cold is used for the toe and heel, and it senses the temperature of the feet and adjusts to the optimal temperature. Enjoy toe comfort like never before.


[4 commitments of the toe]
・Increased toe stretch feeling ・Use of temperature-regulating fibers ・Comfortable touch due to inner pile knitting ・Use of deodorizing fibers

Materials: Acrylic, polyester, rayon, wool, cotton, polyurethane Size: S (23-25cm) / M (26-28cm) / L (28-30cm)
Color: Burgundy/Mustard/Dark Green/Navy/
Black/Charcoal/Turquoise/Light Gray Country of Origin: Nara Prefecture









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