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Minus Degree Limited

Minus Degree Limited

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The Minus Degree many are familiar with is now joined by the Limited Series, which produces limited quantities of the year's limited colors. The 100% cotton half-pile fabric used consists of two finishes: pile and shirring. The sufficient thickness of the pile fabric is excellent for water absorbency, while the shirring fabric has a glossy and elegant finish. The 2021 is a purple-gray color and the packaging matches the fabric color. We hope you enjoy our high quality Limited Series.

Designer: Hiroki Yoshitomi Material: Outer fabric / 100% cotton
Lining / Polyethylene 50% | Polyester 50%
Country of manufacture: Japan

Handkerchief: W230mm x D230mm
Towel: W900mm×D155mm

[If you would like to post it, please be sure to check]
Post-mailing Minus Degree Sports cannot be purchased with other products.
Sorry to trouble you, but after completing the purchase procedure, please place another order for another product.

Nationwide free of charge

[Delivery days]
After confirming payment completion, we will ship within 3 business days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays).

・One Minus Degree Sports for post-mailing is included in each box. If you would like more than one, they will be delivered in separate boxes.
・We do not support wrapping or free service of Noshi.
・"Post-mailing package" is a service to post small parcels to the post, but there is a possibility that the parcel will be lost, damaged, soiled, stolen, and there are restrictions and risks related to delivery. , please be aware of this before using. If you wish to specify the date and time of delivery, or if you are concerned about delivery problems, we recommend using a regular courier service.
・If you live in an apartment or condominium, please be sure to enter the building name and room number of the delivery address. If there is no entry, if the delivery address is unknown, or if the nameplate of the delivery address is different from the address, it may be returned. (Additional charges may apply for return and reshipment costs.)
・Cash on delivery payment is not available for post-mailing.
・Please note that if the package is lost, damaged, soiled, or stolen after it has been posted, we will not be able to provide a refund or arrange a replacement product.








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