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Mizu-tama is made by skilled glass artisans using a technique called "Sora-buki," or "air-blowing." Mizutama means 'dewdrop' in Japanese. The shape of each piece is slightly different. Each piece of glass, being handmade, is different in terms of bubbles, shape, depth, and angle of entry into the inside, but each one allows you to enjoy the delicate beauty of the glass. The transparent glass mass, like water, has a unique presence, reflecting the surrounding scenery.

Designer: Hironao Tsuboi Material: Glass (with pen)
Size: φ55mm x H52mm (there are individual differences)
Weight: 195g
Country of manufacture: Japan

・Please note that the specifications of the included pen may change (due to discontinuation by the manufacturer).
・Ink from the included pen may adhere to the inside. Please note.
・Please note that the shape is slightly different one by one. There may be air bubbles in the glass, and the shape, depth, and angle of each glass may differ, but this is not a defect that impairs the functionality of the product.








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