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The name PLYDAY is a combination of PLY "layers" and DAY, and carries the meaning of "day by day." When you wake up in the morning and turn the page, it marks the start of a new day. We hope that the layering of your daily life will add color to the pictures and enrich the feelings of you when you flip through them... With this in mind, we aimed to create a product that is close to us in our daily lives. Whenever you set a goal, you can count up the number of days, and after a month, the illustration will be completed along with the achievement of the goal. The last sheet is made of thick paper, so it can be framed and enjoyed in various ways. The detailed lineup (Rabbit/Ocean/Chameleon/Botanical) and 30 sheets of line drawings can be enjoyed by all ages, as they gradually change from one sheet to the next.

[ specification ]
Material: Paper Pattern: Rabbit / Chameleon / Botanical / Ocean Size: 105mm x 220mm
Country of Manufacture: Japan Designer: Syusaku Yoshimoto
Illustrated by Takao Miura
Photo: Shuhei Nomachi








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